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Florida Service Master also does central a/c heating repairs in Miami.

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Choosing an HVAC System


Who manufactures the best HVAC equipment?

If you're shopping for a new HVAC system because you recently had service, and the service tech told you that you had to, or that it's dangerous, .....

Frequently Asked HVAC Questions


What size HVAC system should I have?

Heating & Cooling Systems Frequently Asked Questions. more about HVAC treplacement, maintenance and repair ...

Available Services

  • Air Conditioning Installation, Repair & Service
  • Heat Pump Installation, Repair & Service
  • Indoor Air Quality Enhancement
  • Commercial & Residential Inspections
  • Energy Efficient "Green" System Upgrades
  • 24/7 Emergency Service Availability
  • Planned Preventative Service Agreements
  • .

Planned Preventative Service Agreement

The gas mileage deterioration of your car is easy to determine. To restore the mileage, you need to have a "Tune-up" done on your car. Your Air Conditioning system is the same. Systems that have dirty filters or coils, have restricted air flows, are under or over charged with Freon and are generally neglected will have a higher than normal fuel consumption (electric bill) and low mileage. Scheduled maintenance will correct these issues. We offer several levels of Planned Preventative Service agreements (PPS Agreement) that are custom designed to meet your needs. These agreements differ in the number of annual trips necessary to keep the system operating at peak efficiency. All levels of agreements include:

  • Preferred Customer Scheduling
  • 20% discount on parts and labor (for any required repair)
  • Included replacement of standard filters (upgraded filters can be added at an additional cost)
  • A specific number of scheduled maintenance trips
  • The number of trips is usually determined by the required frequency of filter changes. Standard filters must be changed at least every 2 months. Electronic Air Cleaners, based on the unit and conditions, can range from 1 month to 1 year. Media filters range from 6 to 12 months.​

Agreements are available as:

  • Full Service - 6 annual trips
  • Quarterly Service - 4 annual trips
  • Semi-Annual Service - 2 trips
  • Annual Service - 1 trip....

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